The Chartwell Consulting Recruitment Privacy Statement describes why and how we collect and use personal data in connection with our recruitment activities. When collecting and using personal data, our policy is to be transparent about why and how we do so.

Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable living person.  When “you” or “your” are used in this statement, we are referring to the relevant individual who is the subject of the personal data.

Collection of personal data

We will collect personal data in connection with our recruitment activities as described below.

Most of the personal data we collect as part of our recruitment process is provided by you such as:

  • Contact details (name, email, telephone number);
  • CV, experience, education, academic and professional qualifications;
  • Information provided as part of interviews and assessments;

We create personal data in connection with our recruitment activities such as:

  • Interview and assessment results and feedback; and
  • Offer details.

We obtain personal data from third party sources such as:

  • References from your named referees (where applicable);
  • Information from your referrer (where applicable);
  • Verification of information provided during the recruitment process by contacting relevant third parties (for example, previous employers, education and qualification providers) or using publicly available sources (for example, to verify your experience, education and qualifications); and
  • Information from social media sites that you are a member of about your engagement with our recruitment campaigns.

Use​ ​of​ ​personal​ data

We process personal data for our legitimate interests to attract and secure the best talent to work with us as follows:

  • To attract talent and market opportunities at Chartwell including by arranging, hosting and participating in events, marketing and advertising opportunities
  • To process and manage applications for roles at Chartwell, manage your candidate profile, send you email notifications and other announcements, request additional information or otherwise contact you about your candidacy.
  • To screen and select talent by evaluating your suitability for employment with Chartwell, including through interviews and assessments.
  • To hire and onboard talent by making an offer to successful applicants
  • To conduct statistical analyses and create reports including for example regarding usage of our careers websites, demographic analysis of candidates, reports on Chartwell recruitment activities, and analysis of candidate sourcing channels.
  • Any other purposes stated when you provide the information to Chartwell.

When and how we share personal data and locations of processing

Personal data processed by us in connection with our recruitment activities may be transferred to:

  • Other Chartwell member firms. Your personal data may be shared between the Chartwell subsidiaries based in London, Zurich, Berlin and Boston in order to assist with their recruitment and employment activities (for example, if they are recruiting for a role that matches your interest and experience).
  • Employment agencies or recruiters acting on behalf of a candidate
  • Government and regulatory agencies as required by, and in accordance with, applicable law or regulation
  • Third party organisations that provide applications/functionality or data processing services. We use the products and services of third-party organisations as part of the recruitment processes. Please see further details below

Name: SHL: Talent Central

Recruitment Channel: Undergraduate and Graduate Recruitment

Role: Provision of online testing tools 

Name: TestInvite

Recruitment Channel: Undergraduate and Graduate Recruitment

Role: Provision of online testing tools 

Data retention

We retain personal data processed in connection with our recruitment activities as follows:

  • If your application is successful, we will retain relevant personal data as part of your employee record
  • If your application is unsuccessful, we will retain and use the information you provided to Chartwell as part of your application for a reasonable period of time to deal with any matter which may arise in connection with your application, for purposes of contacting you regarding other employment opportunities and for our legitimate business purposes (for example, to make sure we do not contact an individual about a role they have already applied for)
  • Where we sponsor a worker from outside the EU we keep personal data about the other applicants for the role until we are audited to check we are complying with applicable law and regulation.

Individuals’ rights and how to exercise them

Individuals have certain rights over their personal data and Chartwell is responsible for fulfilling these rights.

Individuals’ rights may include the right of access to personal data, to rectification of personal data, to erasure of personal data / right to be forgotten and the right to lodge a complaint.

Please see further information about these rights, when they are available and how to exercise them below.

Your right of access to personal data

  • You have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether we process personal data about you, receive a copy of your personal data held by us and obtain certain other information about how and why we process your personal data (similar to the information provided in this privacy statement).
  • This right may be exercised by emailing us at the relevant regional email address (see end of this section). We aim to respond to any requests for information promptly, and in any event within the legally required time limits.

Your right to rectification / amendment of personal data

  • You have the right to request for your personal data to be amended or rectified where it is inaccurate (for example, if you change your name or address) and to have incomplete personal data completed.
  • To update personal data submitted to us, you may email us at the relevant regional email address (see end of this section). When practically possible, once we are informed that any personal data processed by us is no longer accurate, we will make updates as appropriate based on your updated information.

Your right to erasure / right to be forgotten

  • You have the right to obtain deletion of your personal data if you so desire. To request deletion of your personal data, please email us at the relevant regional email address (see end of this section).


  • We hope that you won’t ever need to, but if you do want to complain about our use of personal data, please send an email with the details of your complaint to the relevant regional email address (see end of this section). We will look into and respond to any complaints we receive.

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